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Hello Dreamer,

Welcome to Dreamers Club!


Here you will find a pretty self-explanatory guide on how our club works and what you get out of it as a Dreamer.

Don't worry if you still feel confused, write to us and we will help!

when you're ready, don't forget to sign up to start to collect your silvers!

* The time period to determine total dollar amount spent (total) to upgrade is two (2) years.
* If the total did not meet the requirement for next tier upgrade, you will remain in your current tier and the total from first (1) year will be erased.
* There are no minimum total requirement to retain in your current tier, as long as you are an active member (last two orders are within one (1) year).
* Earned Dreamer Silvers do not expire.
* Orders paid with Dreamer Silvers will not be counted toward total.